Monday, 18 March 2013

Little Fundraiser!

Been a while since last blog post.

Dude has been very busy raising more money for Special Kids in the UK . So far he's collected money at camp, dressed up as a reindeer with a collection tin and completed his walk round the local lake. He still has lots more plans.

He has decided that he will do a sponsored swim in half term (24th May - 3rd June). He has just learnt to swim on his back with only a foam woddle under his neck. You can see the determination in his face and all his little muscles working to find which he should be using to swim.

He says he wants to raise as much money as he possibly can before next camp in August (he says 11 thousand but I'm trying to get him to lower his target as its not very realistic).

After camp he wants to continue raising money, but for other charities as well.

Very proud of my little fundraiser.

If you would like to sponsor the Dude please visit his justgiving page at Thank you.

collecting money for Special Kids

After he collected money at camp

completed his sponsored walk

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