Friday, 17 August 2012

My Little Big Star

So we've been to Special Kids camp again!

This year was bigger and better than ever before and we had a fantastic time. We were both very sad to be leaving.

Dude caught the fundraising bug whilst at camp. The night before family fun day he said to me 'Mummy, I want to do something for family day. I want to get money for Special Kids. I'm going to have a think about it'
The next morning I had forgotten he had said this to me and when he came to our tent to ask me for one of his cups I wondered what for and told him not to go losing it.
Later that day one of the other members said to me 'You've been working him all morning..... He's been collecting money for Special Kids'
I genuinely hadn't a clue he was doing that as he hadn't asked me or anyone else that was near me for any money. By the end of the day he had collected over £50. I'm very very proud of him. Special Kids gave him a trophy and a certificate for the best fundraiser.

Now that we are home he has decided he wants to raise even more money for this amazing charity.
On 30th September he has planned to walk as far as he possibly can using his walking frame round our local lake. When he is too tired to walk even one more step I'll push him the rest of the way in his wheelchair.

If you wish to sponsor him please do he's such an amazing boy and walking is really hard for him to do his just giving page is here.

You can also text FELA87 £1 to 70070 to donate/sponsor £1