Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Magic Coach!

So today was Dude's first ever school trip. We arrived on time by some miracle  and I helped load Dude on to the coach. It was one of my fears that he wouldn't be strapped in properly so I just went to make sure it was done right.

I walked round the side of the school to where the coaches were with Dudes 1:1 The driver was there ready with the side entry lift already down. I went on with him which was quite scary as the wheelchair rolled back abit when I took the brakes off to wheel him onto the coach. The driver clamped down the chair using the clamp points (I was worried he wouldn't bother using the proper clamp points). I had to ask for a seat belt. The driver said to me 'he doesn't need it he has straps on his chair' I had to point out that the harnesses on wheelchairs are not designed as seat belts and that he requires a seat belt like everyone else. He then put the seat belt on Dude.

With Dude safely on the coach I left him to it! Standing beside the coach one of the mums said to me 'we're just having a giggle at the writing on the coach' yes the picture above shows you what we we're laughing at. Turns out this particular company can't spell WHEELCHAIR.

One coach of excited 4 and  5 year olds disappeared round the corner.

They were slightly late coming back. I asked how the trip went and both Dude's 1:1's said 'I wouldn't say it was easy but it was fun! He spent most of the time looking at a map and telling us where to go' I thought 'typical Dude' He did say his best bit was seeing the lions so least he did pay a little attention to where he was.

On the way home Dude told me he liked going on the magic coach. He thought it was great that he could get on the coach with all his friends.

Now that this trip went well and Dude had a great time, I can relax the next time there is a school trip :)

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